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Cloning the Google Play Store

April 19, 2013 on 1:48 am | No Comments

I was approached in late 2012 and asked about the possibility of creating a personal offline version of the Google Play Store (free apps only). This would essentially involve collecting every application from the Play Store and the related information like title, description and so on.

It’s been over 4 months since the project was completed and I’m finally able to share some details about it.

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Turning forum users into drones

May 18, 2012 on 10:11 am | No Comments

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile and decided it’s time to share it with the world. If you need a lot of unique IPs to make GET requests (quite often suitable for rigging online polls) without having to resort to slow spam marked proxies, this is a great method. The same method can be used on any busy website where you can place an ‘image’.

Go find out how to turn forum users into drones at Spamtech.co.uk.

Esruns Rank Checker

November 28, 2011 on 3:44 pm | 4 Comments

esruns rank checkerEsruns Rank Checker is a fast light-weight keyword rank checker. It allows you to quickly see where your site ranks in Google, for a list of keywords. Rather than pretending to be a genuine web browser, it sits on top of, and automates, your regular browser – meaning you can check a lot more keywords without requiring proxies or getting blocked by Google.

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Dear Youtube, please give us volume enhancements

October 1, 2011 on 5:39 am | No Comments

So quite a few years ago, I blogged about how I wished Youtube had some kind of playlist feature, so I could line up a bunch of videos and have them play one after another. Thankfully, we now have that feature.

What I really want now is a volume enhancement option which allows you to hear a volume increased (and perhaps basic audio enhancement) version of the video.

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Is it all downhill for Torrific?

September 30, 2011 on 7:12 am | 10 Comments

Update: Torrific ceased operations (scroll to bottom for full update).
Let me start by explaining what Torrific is, for those who aren’t familiar with the service. Usually you’d use a bittorrent client like Transmission or uTorrent to download torrents. Torrific takes away the hassle and problems associated with downloading torrents and does the download for you and then gives you a regular HTTP download through your browser.

So not only are you saving yourself from the risk of being kicked off your ISP (if you’re downloading a dodgy torrent) but you’re also maximizing your connection speed with a nice clean HTTP download.


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