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Are your config files secure?

March 24, 2011 on 5:22 pm | 1 Comment

Insecure permissions applied to WordPress config fileIf you’re on a shared hosting server, you should be extremely careful to apply the correct permissions to your configuration files. Failure to do so, can leave them open to viewing by other users on the server. It’s then a trivial matter for the user to connect to the database server and modify posts. steal customer data and so on.

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Auto-Hide Bookmark Toolbar in Google Chrome

January 13, 2011 on 10:52 am | 1 Comment

auto-hide bookmark toolbar chromeIn this article, I’ll explain a way that you can auto-hide (kinda) the bookmark toolbar in Google Chrome on Mac OS X. I personally like to use as few toolbars as possible in my browsers, since they eat up valuable screen real-estate. I’ve never really been a fan of the Bookmarks toolbar, but with my increased preference to use the HTTPS version of the sites I login to, I’ve began relying on the bookmarks toolbar to avoid accidentally visiting the non-HTTP version of a site.

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Using Zero Facebook as a proxy

January 11, 2011 on 7:58 am | 2 Comments

facebook zeroIn May 2010, Facebook (in collaboration with many mobile/cell service providers) launched 0.facebook.com – a completely free to access, mobile version, of Facebook.

There are absolutely no data charges applied when surfing 0.facebook.com! Unfortunately it is a somewhat limited experience considering it doesn’t allow access to any pictures. You can still post status updates, comments, messages and so on.

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Disguising a Facebook ‘Like’ link

November 23, 2010 on 5:50 pm | 16 Comments

facebook like buttonThe Facebook Like button allows people to share interesting sites they find, with their friends on Facebook. You can place a Like button on any web page and when a user clicks on it, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

Using some clever CSS, you can disguise the Like button to look like something else and trick people to click on the button 😉


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Referer (Referrer) spamming

November 23, 2010 on 8:22 am | 8 Comments

referer spam exampleLike my post on cheating Alexa, this post is a revisit of a subject I covered years ago; Referer spamming.

When you visit a site, your browser includes additional information with the request, this allows the site to serve a customised page based on the data passed. For example, it might serve up a different pages depending on whether you’re a Mac of Windows user.

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