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Esruns Rank Checker

November 28, 2011 on 3:44 pm | 4 Comments

esruns rank checkerEsruns Rank Checker is a fast light-weight keyword rank checker. It allows you to quickly see where your site ranks in Google, for a list of keywords. Rather than pretending to be a genuine web browser, it sits on top of, and automates, your regular browser – meaning you can check a lot more keywords without requiring proxies or getting blocked by Google.

What’s the difference between Esruns Rank Checker and all the others out there?

Other rank checkers generally make a crude attempt at emulating the browser and require a steady supply of proxy servers to avoid being blocked by Google. Without a quality list of proxies, you’ll likely get blocked within 20-30 keywords. Esruns Rank Checker sits on top of your browser and acts just like a genuine user would – making regular Google searches, loading images, css, triggering javascript and AJAX events, and so on.

Can I continue using my browser while the Rank checker is running?

Yes! You can continue to use your browser as normal. Simply open a new tab or window and continue surfing as usual. Esruns Rank Checker will continue running in the original tab and display the results when finished.

See Esruns Rank Checker in Action



Download coming soon :)


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  1. Interesting tool.
    While waiting to test Esruns Rank Checker

    Comment by SeoBlack Inside — 28th November, 2011 #

  2. interesting indeed! Looking forward to the download link!

    Comment by TheAnand — 28th November, 2011 #

  3. Very cool, can’t wait!

    Comment by Some Dude — 28th November, 2011 #

  4. gonna wait with you guys, i’m tired of having to find fresh proxies for the rank checker I’m using!

    Comment by kyio — 13th December, 2011 #

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