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Is it all downhill for Torrific?

September 30, 2011 on 7:12 am | 10 Comments

Update: Torrific ceased operations (scroll to bottom for full update).
Let me start by explaining what Torrific is, for those who aren’t familiar with the service. Usually you’d use a bittorrent client like Transmission or uTorrent to download torrents. Torrific takes away the hassle and problems associated with downloading torrents and does the download for you and then gives you a regular HTTP download through your browser.

So not only are you saving yourself from the risk of being kicked off your ISP (if you’re downloading a dodgy torrent) but you’re also maximizing your connection speed with a nice clean HTTP download.


Torrific will cache popular torrents so they’re available for download over HTTP immediately. If they don’t have the torrent cached already then they’ll email you once they’ve downloaded it and created a local HTTP copy for you.

Sounds amazing right? Yes. The problem is that the service has been struggling to keep up with demand and bugs have been creeping in (possibly due to a lack of storage space and bandwidth).Over the last 2 months, I’ve been experiencing servers becoming unresponsive during downloads, files being removed from the cache half way through a download and files that are corrupted. These are problems that I never used to have.

One of the things Torrific has done to try combat this is to heavily limit how much free users can download and the maximum file sizes allowed for free users.

One big problem with Torrific is that you never know whether a torrent has been cached or not, until you actually submit the file for download. If the file has been cached, it will give you a download link immediately, if not it will go off and download the file. If you were able to tell if a torrent has been cached before having Torrific go off and download it then you could try a few different torrents for the file that you’re wanting to download and chose a cached version, saving Torrific from having to download yet another version of the same file which is simply under a new torrent.

An example would be that an open source movie get uploaded to ThePirateBay, there are likely to be 10-100 very similar copies of the same file, all under a different torrent. If we could see which have been cached and which haven’t, we could just pick one that’s already been cached rather than having Torrific go off and download 100 copies of the same file.

Hopefully Torrific will upgrade their systems to be smarter rather than just cutting back everyones allowances because eventually there’ll be no more room to cut before people just look elsewhere.

Update: 28-Jan-2012

It’s a sad day for all Torrific users (especially those premium users who paid by SMS or other non-Paypal method and therefore won’t be getting a refund).

Torrific has shutdown with immediate effect. I suspect it’s related to the recent arrests and closure of megaupload.com

Please note that torrific has ceased operations. Your recurring paypal
subscription has been cancelled. You will not be charged again in the
future. We are processing pro-rated refunds at this point in time.
Please notify us should you not receive a pro-rated refund in the next
seven days in your paypal account.


The great firewall of China is starting to look like a reasonable restriction compared to what America is doing to the Internet.


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  1. Even worse now days with the ‘sorry, network busy
    try again later or try a smaller torrent
    upgrade to premium to transmit this torrent now’

    Comment by admin — 22nd January, 2012 #

  2. Do you have any other site to suggest?
    I used to love this site..

    Comment by mar1 — 28th January, 2012 #

  3. to whom it may concern! F*** y**!

    Comment by sdjflkgq — 28th January, 2012 #

  4. And so freedom of information starts to die slowly.
    The Illuminati will rule the world soon. This is just one of the final steps. Soon, we all will have to receive the “mark”. Then it will be complete. May God have mercy on us all.

    Comment by Phil — 29th January, 2012 #

  5. i absolutely loved torrific website.i really hope and pray that it will be back soon.
    any other web similar to torrific guys??

    Comment by taqadus hussain — 1st February, 2012 #

  6. Is there another FREE alternative? A google search reveals at least on more site, but you have to buy per MB :-(

    Comment by Geoff — 1st February, 2012 #

  7. its v v sad torrific has shut down. i really loved that site. :-(

    Comment by stanley — 1st February, 2012 #

  8. Do you have any other site to suggest?
    I used to love this site..

    Comment by shivaganeshgupta — 3rd February, 2012 #

  9. Damn! One of the best free services on the internet…. gone :(
    America is fucking up the internet….

    Comment by XideWinder — 7th February, 2012 #

  10. I wish i knew torrific.com months and months back.Damn it.How can it be. Such a lovely site.

    Comment by Asilevi — 9th February, 2012 #

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