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Mac search results and return of Esrun

October 11, 2006 on 6:59 pm | 3 Comments

One thing that annoys me about using a Mac system is that the search engines throw up different results for Mac users than those shown to Windows users! (Although I have only checked Google and LIVE/MSN)

Sure I could change my useragent to appears as a windows user but I’d rather just have the same results as default. I guess it could be useful when looking for software, since i’d most likely be looking for Mac software.

Since I announced my intention to leave the BH industry I actually recieved a rather positive response from people to continue rather than quiting. To mention a couple of people who have blogged, David Naylor and Seoidiot(Paul). I also appreciate the blog comments and emails I have received, I obviously won’t be posting the details of the emails here but they’re appreciated.

If you liked Seoidiots first cartoon then check out his second seo cartoon which includes characters such as spamhuntress. Just think about it… a digg botnet all controlled from a central area and all helping to boost each others rep and such like and then being used to digg for traffic.

It would seem that just because you don’t hear anything it doesn’t mean there is no one there. In conclusion I have decided that maybe (lol) I might hang around and carry on with the Blog. I will most likely continue to discuss and deal with BH but do not intend to use BH methods for my own sites(Okay spamhunters?).

Anyway, I’m considering doing a new video since I want to upload it to the new MSN soapbox video hosting to see how it performs… Any ideas people?


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  1. Why in the world would you want to quit now?

    Your scripts are great and the videos are one of a kind.

    Glad to see you reconsidering.

    And for the record :Thank you!

    Comment by Spanimal — 11th October, 2006 #

  2. Hes back – odd though I never felt he went away…. well perhaps during lunch – but thats it….

    Comment by SEOidiot — 12th October, 2006 #

  3. […] In other news: looks like the interweb may be in trouble – SEOidiot is promising to get serious (or sober?) and Esrun has returned. We will see what those two have been up to in a couple of weeks when I touch down in Sydney and get serious myself. Off to The Anchor now for a few hard earned beers. Cya on the other side. […]

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