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Slingbox sucks

December 24, 2009 on 6:57 pm | 5 Comments

I bought a slingbox early this year. Watch and control your sky/cable box over the internet from anywhere in the world. Great!

After a couple months of using it, it started to play up, not connecting to the network and such like. Usually a reset would fix this.

About 9 months on and the box now refuses to connect to the network and won’t even reset. Before contacting Sling Media for support, I take a look around online and found forums full of people with the same problem. A hardware issue that means replacing the unit. Sigh, not ideal. After leaving it plugged in (not working) for a few weeks, I came back and now no lights come on. The unit is dead.

I call up Sling support but am told that they can’t help me until I register the product online. Why they can’t do it over the phone I don’t know, not a great start. After registering online, I call back and am advised that the product only has a support/warranty period of 90 days. I’ve never bought an electrical product before that didn’t have at least a 1 year warranty! If I want any support now, I need to pay 29.99. Thing is, It’s quite clearly a hardware fault so even if I pay this rip off charge, I won’t get anywhere unless they agree to replace the unit.

If possible, buy an alternative to the Slingbox or other Slingmedia products. Their support is practically non-existent and based on the number of people complaining about the same hardware issues, there’s obviously common faults. If there support had actually made any kind of attempt to help then I’d have considered buying another one, even with its faults. But now there’s no chance I’ll pay out more cash for any Slingmedia product.


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  1. Hi,

    If unit was bougth in EU then consumer product should be covered by 2 years warranty. So, you can get something from them if you have time and make some research.

    Comment by d. — 25th December, 2009 #

  2. If you reported the fault within the first 6 months, you should get a repair/replacement for free: http://whatconsumer.co.uk/how-long-should-it-last/

    Comment by Mark — 29th December, 2009 #

  3. Their handling of these problems has been dreadful. The forums are full of people reporting problems and you get NO explanation from Slingboxofcrap. Very frustrating.

    Comment by Tim — 7th September, 2010 #

  4. They since came back and confirmed that there was a misunderstanding with the warranty and that they’d be able to replace the unit after all. They offered to send a new power brick first incase it was that instead of the unit itself. They said they’d send a new unit if the power brick didn’t solve the problem. I’ve emailed them back a few times since and got a couple of replies with ‘oh it hasn’t been resolved yet?’. I was all ready to adjust the post about how they gained my confidence back in their service and now here we are again.

    Comment by admin — 6th October, 2010 #

  5. Over the past three years I have bought four Slingbox Pros. This company is a scam! After the warranty expires, a firmware update breaks the device, rendering it useless and forcing you to buy a new one. Tech support is another scam. Basically they are only there to take your money instead of helping you fix a problem. They know the device is FUBR, but are only there to rob an additional $29.99 from you.

    Comment by Slingbox Hater — 4th November, 2010 #

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