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Xml feeds link builder


This system will let you build, manage and promote xml feeds for the reason of building incoming links to your own websites. The basic idea of this system is to allow you to easily generate XML feeds which will be picked up by scraper sites who will then link to your own websites as the original author.

Step 1: Scrape keywords to be used in our feed.


Step 2: We will be presented with a list of keywords which we can then save as a keyword set.


Step 3: You can view existing keyword sets.


Step 4: Now we have a juicy keyword set, we can add our advert URLs which we wish to build links for.


Step 5: We can view what advert URLs we are using.


Step 6: Now we have both keywords and advert urls we create the actual feed. We need to give the feed a name and select which keyword set to us. We also select how many items we wish to be in the feed.


Step 7: You can view existing feeds.


Step 8: You can use the ‘update’ option to re-generate the feed with new content.


Step 9: Next we set up the urls that we wish to ping with our feed addresses. For example you could ping google blog search and technorati.


Step 10: You can view existing ping urls.


Step 11: Now we have our feed setup and ping urls – we need to use the send pings option to ping services about our feeds.


Step 12: We can monitor when a specific feed was last pinged and updated.


Step 13: A preview of the actual xml feed created.


I originally said for people to email me to obtain a download for this software but I didn’t expect such a flood of emails! I’m going to put the zip file up here for all to download. Enjoy and leave comments on this post. For instructions, read the README.txt file.

Download: XML Feeds link builder